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is account activity API with REST available for public or do we need to submit access form to get the access for REST APIs.


You need to apply for access via this page. Please ensure that you include your app ID, and are clear about your use case, when filling out the form. For more information refer to the announcement.


Thanks for the quick response. sure i’ll apply for the access.


I am unable to help with that myself, but I’ll make sure that the right folks see this request. Thanks for your patience.


Hi @murjurdev - Thanks for reaching out. We were able to provide access to the Account Activity API - All Activities beta. Please note your environment name is: env-beta

Please let us know if you have any questions.


With the Account Activity API - All Activities beta, you will not currently see product in the Developer Portal. We are working to get this added soon.


Hi i have got the response that my request to Account Activity API beta is approved and Env_name: env-beta. still i get “could not authenticate you” message, while Register the Webhook URL with POST Activity.

where should i use env-beta? i have specified all authentication info and url.

“errors”: [
“code”: 32,
“message”: “Could not authenticate you.”

My account :@Vinodreddi999
My app Id: 12571850

can you please help me?


i got this resolved after changing the url to all activities.

but now i’m stuck with following error.
“errors”: [
“code”: 214,
“message”: “Non-200 response code during CRC GET request (i.e. 404, 500, etc).”

i have tested the webhook url response time with and curl, this looks fine and less than 1 sec
time_namelookup: 0.128601n
time_connect: 0.209992n
time_appconnect: 0.000000n
time_pretransfer: 0.000000n
time_redirect: 0.000000n
time_starttransfer: 0.000000
time_total: 0.590536nn

i don’t see even the log statements specified in the webhook method are printed on console[looks like the twitter is not hitting my webhook method]. i’m using POSTMAN to register the webhook URL.


can you please help me on this? my application webhook method is not receiving the call from twitter.

application is deployed on AWS box and its working with facebook webhooks integration

webhooks url:

if you any additional information to validate, i can provide.