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Hey guys, I’m about to embark on a project and need some help figuring this last part out.

The website will be a business website loaded on an ipad, the business will be logged into their twitter account on that ipad also.

I want to have a simple tweet box where whatever is entered in that box can get tweeted to the business’ twitter account when tweet is clicked.

The challenge is I don’t want the page to refresh…Im wondering if there is already a twitter solution for this.

Website is a WordPress website. Thank you


Your website does not have a logged-in Twitter context needed to author and submit a Tweet.

The Tweet web intent opens a small child window on desktop, allowing a viewer to author a new Tweet assisted by components you specify such as text, URL, and hashtags. The Twitter plugin for WordPress can help you place a Tweet button on your WordPress site.

You may also sign up for a Twitter application, ask a Twitter author to grant permission to post to her account, store the resulting credentials, and have the ability to post a Tweet from your server to Twitter’s server using those credentials. You can create your own authoring experience on your site, but it takes a lot more work.


Hey niall, this is actually a custom membership application I’m building. It is not simple as adding a tweet button.

I checked out the web intent documentation and it seems to be what I am looking for, let me explain a little more about the application:

Parent company called “MAIN” will be creating custom surveys for sub companies: A, B and C on the website.

Those sub companies will each be getting an Ipad where they log into their twitter profile on the ipad. Those sub companies will then open up the webpage for their specific survey and leave it active on the ipad. That survey will have a tweet button which visitors to that survey could tweet something As the person logged into twitter In this case that would be the respective sub company which logged into their own ipad.

So example Visitor A visits the location where Company A,B or C ipad is and fills in a survey and has the option to tweet directly As the respective company which was currently logged into that ipad.

Niall goes to Company A ipad–> fills in survey–>clicks tweet button–>leaves a tweet–>It appears on Company A twitter profile as something Company A twitted.

Niall goes home–>Niall visits same survey–>nial clicks tweet button–>leaves tweet–>It now appears on nial’s twitter profile of course because he is the one logged in on his PC/Ipad etc.

I hope this better explains it, I need to also know if this intent twitter set up would do the same popup window an ipad instead of opening a new window(I do not own an ipad)

Thank you


Sadly twitter intents on Ipad try to open up the twitter application. Still at the drawing board


A Twitter web intent will open a Tweet composer in the Twitter application if it is installed on the device. If you control the device you could opt to not install the Twitter application.

If you placed your content inside an iOS app you could use the composer functionality of Twitter Kit.


I had a friend try it and it opened the Twitter application on Ipad, As far as he knows the twitter application cannot be uninstalled on his ipad…it came bundled (not sure what that is about).

I have built a twitter app using the API, hopefully it will post the tweets directly to the account like it is right now while im testing on PC.

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