Submission status


Hi, I have submitted a request for the Ads APi on 29th of June, but have not received an answer yet.
Previous submission was reviewed during a day.
Could you please assist?


Hi @MIKZ_Reg,

Can you let me know what app ID you are looking to whitelist? We do no whitelist more than one application per company since you should be able to Auth in multiple accounts to one application.

I can help you transfer access from one application to another if you’d like. Please let me know the 2 application IDs in question.


Cannot Authenticate More Users Error

Hi Carmen, thank you for clarifications.
Yes, please transfer access from application ID 13666877 to ID 13666890.
Thank you in advance.


Thanks! You are all set.


Hi, could you please change it back from ID 13666890 to ID 13666877? Sorry for bothering and thank you in advance!


All set!


Hi Carmen, could you please assist us with another question?

We are trying to get user tweets using API As a response we got a list of tweet objects ( But field reply_count is missing in this object.


Hi @MIKZ_Reg,

That is not a part of the Ads API - can you check this forum?

I checked both of your links, and it looks like the tweet-object3 link no longer works, and reply_count isn’t on the get-statuses link. That might be a deprecated metric.



Hi @MIKZ_Reg - the reply_count field for Tweet objects is only available in our premium and enterprise API tiers. Apologies that this is not clear enough in our documentation - it is on our backlog to get this clarified. Thanks!