Subdomain not rendering on cards


Description of issue:
Trying to share url of subdomain but twitter card strips subdomain from the link. All twitter meta tags are correct according to troubleshooting docs. Robot.txt is allowing data to be read as proved by the posts showing up all of the data minus the subdomain. Twitter card validator displays properly. When sharing on twitter the subdomain is stripped from the url. This happens inconsistently. Looks like when you are logged into twitter the subdomain gets removed. When you are not logged in the subdomain is shown.

URL affected (must be public):
Site trying to link to:

Twitter page showing incorrectly without subdomain:

Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]:

Keep in mind that the share image above is not how the card is displayed when viewing from adp twitter page. On that page the url shows even though it links out to


This appears to be a display issue with the iOS Twitter app, since I see the full URL on the website (logged in) on desktop, and in (logged in) on my iPhone. The link works as expected in both cases.


I have been checking mostly in chrome on desktop. My team has seen this issue on multiple devices.

are you looking at the twitter url? I’m still seeing with no design subdomain


one other note…i removed the twitter:site and twitter:creater from the meta tags. thinking the @adp handle might have something to do with the issue. Seems to still be the same


Ah, I think I’m looking at on desktop Chrome as well, where I see the subdomain. I’ll mention to the client app teams, as this looks like a rendering issue on the front-end.


I have some new information. I was told this was just when you post the URL but apparently this post is from twitter ad manager and not just pulling the meta data. The URL placed in the add manager console is correct and it shows up correctly up until the point when the post is being previewed. Also, can’t understand why but if you are logged in it strips out the subdomain but if you are not is shows it. Why would this be the case?


@sdcohrs: Are you creating a website card for this Tweet? Or are you using an organic—i.e., summary card or large summary—card? Please share the Tweet ID so we can have clarity on this.


I thought the issue was with twitter cards but today learned it is from tweets generated using the Ad manager. here is an example of a preview tweet:

No tweet has been published because of the lack of the subdomain in the preview


Thanks for providing this information, @sdcohrs. It’s helpful.

The client (e.g., the mobile or desktop apps) determine how the URLs are displayed. The advertiser cannot set their own vanity URL.


Why would the same client show different URLs? I see a different url if I’m logged in or not in the same browser. How is that a client issue? It is the same browser.

I log in and i see i log out i see Same browser, same computer, viewing the same post within seconds it changes depending on logged in state


Good follow up question, @sdcohrs.

There can be a different logged in versus logged out experience. For example, as you saw (and as your screenshot shows) the logged in case shows

This is the logged out view, which shows

You already know this, of course. So why am I showing it again? It may not be obvious, but these are actually different apps (i.e., clients). The Tweet details page—this is what we call the view when you’re looking at the URL to a specific Tweet (as opposed to the timeline view)—for the first case shows the Tweet as a pop-up of sorts while the latter shows it inline. Take a close look at the engagement button placements, too. It’s a different rendering.

The former is “legacy Twitter.” The latter is “new Twitter.”

I hope this helps clarify.


i am seeing in the overlay view. i have never navigated to mobile.twitter… I’m seeing the overlay differently on the same exact url with the same exact formatting. The only difference is that I am not logged in and the subdomin shows up. These are the same client both views from this url. I’m not hitting different urls


Either way…how do we enforce the subdomain to show up in these posts? That is my only question


The advertiser cannot set or control the vanity URL.