Student Developer Account Application Rejected



I’m taking a data science class at my university and the instructor required us to apply for a Twitter Developer account. However, my application got rejected. Does anyone else had this problem? What do you suggest?




Is there a way to reapply? I need this to pass my course.


Hello @ozturkberkay.

All of our developer applications are reviewed to ensure compliance with Twitter’s policies. While we can’t comment on specific cases, applications may be rejected if they are found to be in violation of any section of the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and/or the Twitter Rules.

There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application. I apologize for any inconvenience.



Hey @ozturkberkay,

We have a specific playbook for educators that I encourage you to pass along to your professor:

If you do still need access for your class, I encourage you to create a new Twitter account to apply with and make sure to keep our developer agreement in mind when you are crafting your use case.


Hello @LeBraat and @hmz

I have applied with a different account again and rejected. Most of my friends’ applications got approved but mine is not. This is starting to get frustrating. Can you point out exactly what’s wrong with my use case?




@ozturkberkay - We are not commenting on specific rejections. I suggest for you to change up your use case since you have been turned down multiple times now.

It is very important that you read through our developer policies so that you are aware of what we allow on the platform.


Is there a workaround ? Maybe if I pay a fee for API usage, then you can approve my twitter developer account ?


There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application, or to re-apply, however stay informed for product updates/changes.

There are several existing topics on the matter. I’m going to close this one as it is a duplicate.