Stuck on applying Premium APIS



I am trying to apply access to Premium APIs, but whenever I click “Apply for Premium access”, it always showed to me that " The email address associated with this Twitter @username is not verified. You must add a valid email address and verify it prior to applying for developer access." I still try to use the button “add a valid email address”, but it was not working. I registered another account to access, but same problem. Anyone could give me some suggestion, really appreciate. Now I even can’t start, both on free and paid Premium.

Thank you very much


Hello @woainingjing,

I suggest that you go to If you don’t see a banner on this page with instructions on how to verify your email address, I suggest that you change your email address to something new, save the page, then change it back to your desired email address. This should trigger a new email. Please open this email and click on the link to verify your account. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to apply for premium access.



Thank you very much. It does work really. But I got another stuck problem now. When I was doing the stage of tears of services, I just can’t click the button that indicated that I have read and agreed. So I still can’t submit my application. Do you have a reading time restriction? Or it is unusual thing. Looking forward to your reply again. Cheers.


Sorry, it is stuck at reading terms of services.


Please make sure that you have scrolled down to the very bottom of the terms of service. Once you are at the very bottom, the checkboxes should unlock.

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