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I didn’t see a category for this so I wanted to toss this in here.

Question - Why doesn’t Twitter have a default “Quantity” selection for stripe Products/SKU’s?

If I want to sell more than 1 item, I need to create a new SKU for every quantity. This problem is already handled by Stripe because I am able to create a SKU with “finite” inventory and define the value. The current work around would be to add “quantity” as an attribute then create a new SKU just to increase the quantity attribute so it is displayed as a drop down selection on Twitter.

I love the platform and have sync’d up our deals with Striple and Twitter but am really having a hard time justifying this work around. Would love to see Twitter step in an recognize the following attributes from a given Stripe SKU object:

“inventory”: {
“quantity”: 7,
“type”: “finite”,
“value”: null

If sku type is finite, make default “quantity” selection available for user with values 0-quantity available.