Streams - filter & sample endpoint retirement?



At the moment, my interactive Twitter bot is fed by the streaming endpoint statuses/filter using Python3.5/Twython3.6

I note that although the site & user endpoints are being dumped in favour of a new API, and that the filter & sample endpoints will be rejigged in some way, so far as I can find there is no projected date for the demise of the existing filter & sample endpoints.

SO …
Is there a likely date?

Will the rejig be a full replacement with webhooks like the site & user endpoints & so require Twython (and Tweepy and the rest) to be rewritten?


tl;dr we have not announced a replacement for these endpoints and therefore there is no action to take today. Everything I’m adding below is speculative, since we have not made any final decisions on what this will look like yet.

You’re right that the roadmap states that we are planning to update these endpoints in the future, but it is some way out - we’ve got plenty we are working on in the API space through the first two quarters of this year that we’ve already talked about. Once any announcement on the future of these endpoints is made, there would be at least a 6 month window before any changes become hardened and existing code is affected.

My current expectation is that this would not be a webhook-style API, but probably a more flexible and powerful update to the current realtime style of consuming data with more sophisticated operators, based on a better internal tech stack. However, it would most likely require rework from any client libraries consuming the current endpoints, as connection URLs, query methods and response formats may change.

We appreciate that you’re asking these questions, and that you’re thinking ahead! Looking forward to seeing what you build as our new APIs become available.