Streaming User's timeline with locations filter



I’m trying to use the “locations” property with the “” endpoint.

When I include locations, none of the users I see in the stream are people I follow, however, when I leave the locations out, I get people I follow, but am of course not filtering for the locations I’m interested in.

Is it not possible to use this endpoint to get Tweets from the user’s “followings” whilst also filtering for location? It seems strange that this endpoint could ever be used for just random people, no matter what the params.

The Twitter generated cURL command (not including auth etc) I’m trying is:

curl --get '' --data 'delimited=length&locations=-122.491731%2C37.699981%2C-122.309065%2C37.844977&stall_warnings=1&stringify_friend_ids=1&with=followings'