Streaming Twitter Search using OAUTH authorization and Multiple Instances Issue


Hi All,

                   I am using simple streaming to search for a tweet, And I am using OAUTH auth for the same, as below , All is well untill I run once instance of this code, If I copy the same code in another class and run with same oauth, I get below error , CAN I USE SAME OAUTH AUTH FOR MULTIPLE CLASSES AND RUN IN PARALLEL.  Any help will be appreciated

<<Error - Msg >>
420:Returned by the Search and Trends API when you are being rate limited (
Returned by the Streaming API:
Too many login attempts in a short period of time.
Running too many copies of the same application authenticating with the same account name.

twitterStream = new TwitterStreamFactory().getInstance(); 
twitterStream.setOAuthConsumer("abc", "abcd");
AccessToken accessToken = new AccessToken("xyz, "zyx");

StatusListener listener = new StatusListener() {
			public void onStatus(Status status) {
				if (status.getUser().getLang() != null
						&& status.getUser().getLang().equalsIgnoreCase("en"))
					try {
						if(status.getText()!= null){
					} catch (Exception e) {


You should be aiming to have single standing connection with the Streaming API, regardless of any combination of user accounts or OAuth.



Thanks for your input, But I am able to run a single connection with the Streaming API , But I have a requirement where I should be able to connect to the streaming tweets in multiple process each working isolated, And I don’t want to do it with separate user/oauth accounts for each process , Is it possible to achieve this using a single oauth keys, But running on multiple process smoothly ?


You should work on changing the requirement instead. Focus on a single, central connection to the Streaming API to collect tweets – it should have no purpose other than to connect and stream tweets. From there, you can do as much multi-process handling of the tweets as you wish – without opening multiple connections.


In our case, We are creating multiple channels each channel pulling data for specific set of keywords, The sole reason of having multiple connection is to have a better performance and faster tweet pulling, Where every channel is assigned a set of keywords. So once again, Is it possible to achieve in OAUTH ?


No, it’s not possible to achieve and would be potentially considered circumventing the rate limits.


I’m not understaind