Streaming favs (likes) is possible?


There was an account named favstar and it was capture the every 50. 100. favorite that your tweet get.

Is this possible with streaming api?


The only way I can imagine this can be done server-side like favstar did, is by having users authorize your app and you would need to get access to the site streaming API to be able to do this for such a large scale.
If you only need to do that locally, client side, for individual users, you can use the general streaming API to get fav/like events for the users tweets.


Favstar was capturing favs even before user authenticates the app. I wonder is there a method the catch favs in certain keywords.

we can capture tweets that contain javascript keyword and the retweets but not favs?


Sorry but I can’t understand what you were trying to say in your last reply, especially the following:


haha :slight_smile: sorry

we can capture any tweet contains the keyword ‘javascript’ if we want. And it gave us retweets as well.
i’m wondering if there is any ‘secret’ or unknown method for favorites(likes).


Not that I am aware of. Favs are very different from ReTweets, as retweets actually generate a - kind of- Tweet, therefore can be found with a special keyword. I don’t think this would be possible with favs as there is no thing such as a “fav” tweet.