Streaming APIs - User streams: Resource URL using only Javascript



Hi, I need to fetch data of a user using his username/userid: username, verification, no. of likes, no. of replies, no. of retweets, text, … at run time, min of last 10 tweets. I should use with necessary parameters and will get data as JSON format. I have the only one choice and that is Javascript. I am not allowed to use php, ASP.Net, …

  1. Is it possible to fetch data only by using Javascript or I must use any server side programming (c#, php) + Javascript ?
  2. If it is possible by using only Javascript, then please help me to find a code example

Thanks a lot in advance.


You’ll have to do server-side coding as it is not really easy to connect using OAuth from client-side Javascript. You could go ahead and use node.js with an npm module like twit, though.


thanks a lot for your reply.