Streaming api


My streaming api was working since last 4 months.But it has stopped working since 5 days. The code is right but I am not getting the tweet updates. I used the same code on other domain and its working. But I want it working on mine. What can be the problem? I thought it might be becoz of Dos attack. Please give some solution. Thank you


Are you seeing the same errors discussed on this thread? Issues reported with Streams since 10/21 - there was a disruption this weekend.


Yes. But we are still facing the same problem. Can you please suggest a way out?


What is the specific error you are seeing? Which streaming endpoint are you using?


We are using 140dev library of PHP.

Please find the below error in error_log


Connection: Close

Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Content-length: 44

Accept: /

Authorization: OAuth realm="",oauth_consumer_key=“1j9krPaiZbwvCqiuUWuHYq7XB”,oauth_nonce=“82d4b1edbdbcf35fdbb2a83793621eed”,oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”,oauth_timestamp=“1477476482”,oauth_version=“1.0A”,oauth_token=“2780940048-5QD3MP0xGHL2SJWRXWKDZ93txSGrWsmr8s98Ta2”,oauth_signature=“R%2FtNoDJ4uGdRmLB7Xn8DcngnWb4%3D”

User-Agent: Phirehose/1.0RC +


[26-Oct-2016 15:38:02 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: HTTP failure 1 of 20 connecting to stream: HTTP ERROR 420: Enhance Your Calm (Exceeded connection limit for user). Sleeping for 10 seconds.
[26-Oct-2016 15:38:05 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: Connecting to twitter stream: with params: array ( ‘track’ => ‘#weather,@Xebecapps’,)
[26-Oct-2016 15:38:05 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: Resolved host to
[26-Oct-2016 15:38:05 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: Connecting to ssl://, port=443, connectTimeout=5
[26-Oct-2016 15:38:06 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: Connection established to
[26-Oct-2016 15:38:06 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: POST /1.1/statuses/filter.json HTTP/1.1



[26-Oct-2016 15:42:39 Asia/Kolkata] Phirehose: HTTP failure 3 of 20 connecting to stream: HTTP ERROR 420: Enhance Your Calm (Exceeded connection limit for user). Sleeping for 40 seconds.


Im facing the same problem since few days ago
i noticed that its no the 420… its the idle after connection established…

What happen is:
connection established to streaming api … no tweets received for x seconds, system auto reconnect, then again no tweets, auto reconnect , then the 420 error start appearing

sometimes the connection established and disconnect after 2-3 seconds without error, only HTTP ERROR ()

i tried from different apps, ips, servers, the same results



Please can you suggest some solution asap. As my project has stopped since 5 days and I have no idea what I can do!!


hey, thanks for your support one of our website has started working but the 2nd is still having the problem. What can I do for such problem? what if I face such problems in future?


Im using Follow and Track endpoints, i cant connect to Sample endpoints normally and receive data but with Follow and Track i get empty error HTTP ERROR() or 420…
sometimes it connects and receive 2-3 tweets then disconnect again


Hello Andy,

Even I am facing a similar error. Any recommendation of what is to be done?


Are you sure this was not due to the short outage today?