Streaming API Tweet Missing with < 1%



I am using streaming API to get ALL tweets which has mention to “@UserA” (UserA is self, not some third person).
The number of tweets with mention to UserA is clearly < 1% of all tweets twitter receive. When I use Filter Stream, I notice that some of the tweets are not getting received by my steam processor. I am not exceeding the rate limit.

Not receiving some tweets, Is this expected? If so, I will have to fallback to REST APIs, I suppose.
If this is not expected? What could possible be wrong. Or is there a better way to to this, ( I do need streaming API)

Monitor and count hashtags and mentions

Wow, 9 days since this has been posted and not a single response for such a common question like this?

I’m also interested to know :frowning:


I’d certainly suggest using both the Streaming and REST APIs together to improve coverage if needed. It’s very hard to say why individual Tweets might be dropped from a stream at a particular point in time - has a user been muted or blocked, network issues related to data centers, etc.

Twitter’s Gnip offers a fully resilient streaming solution with up to 2 connections; it also offers backfill support in case of a dropped connection (automatic for up to ~5 minutes), and a replay option where you can request a stream be replayed over up to a 6 day back period. However, it is a commercial offering, and I appreciate that may not be what you are looking for.