Streaming API - Rate Limiting


I have a test account which, I’m quite certain via my own inept coding, I managed to put into a state where I cannot start a user or public stream with it. Twitter returns me an HTTP response of 420, with a status of “Enhance your Calm”.

I have implemented the back-off reconnect procedure as documented, starting from 1 minute and doubling; so far I’ve waited several hours and still it claims to be rate-limited. I have attempted to use the REST API to query the rate limit status for that account, using the following:, but it indicates that all methods have their full limit remaining.

So, 2 questions: First, how do I find out for how long my test account will be restricted from connecting to a stream? Second, how do I appeal to the powers that be to grant leniency, forgive my accidental abuse, and rest whatever limit I have triggered?