Streaming API rate limit


if someone is using Streaming API and has not received any rate limit messages indicating how many Tweets were not delivered, is it safe to understand that that person is getting 100% of Tweets matching their criteria?
In other words, for some specific topics, is it possible at all to receive all complete Tweets matching a certain criteria through Twitter’s Streaming API which is open to public?


Hi Cecilia,

When you use [node:10389], you are filtering from the whole set of Tweets that we call the firehose, with a maximum resulting volume of 1% of the total Tweets at that moment. In other words, if the keywords you are tracking account for less than 1% of the firehose, you will receive all the matching Tweets, otherwise you will be capped around 1%.

To give you an idea, there are more than 500 million Tweets posted every single day on Twitter, so 1% of those is already a very large number.


Hi, We are in the same case. We are developing a tool for twitter. We are joining seamlessly with our application to be able to stream messages for certain stocks…The problem is "tracked word"
Which is the limit and how we can increase it?

Many thanks,


Hello, you can track up to 400 keywords simultaneously on your streaming connection and receive matching Tweets in real-time as I described above.

Please let us know if we can help further.


Hi, Román,
Our project is a financial tool embedded with twiiter , so web want to dad value to twitter proposal.
Taje a look to

The problem líes in the fact that we need an incresease for this limit as with only 400 we cannot monitor all financial market.

May you help me oro give me a contact in twiter to deal tenis issue?

Manu thanks