Streaming API: punctuation symbols with unicode strings work incorrect



I use Twitter Streaming API (filter endpoint) to get tweets filtered by tracks in russian language.

After some analysis I found that I cannot get tweets with words preceded or followed by dots, commas, etc.
Example: tweet with ‘кот’ (cat in russian) will be streamed, but I cannot get the tweet with ‘кот,’.

This post confirms this behavior.

At current state API provides incomplete data.

May be this “bug” had been already scheduled for investigation.

Please, advice any workarounds for this problem.


I don’t believe there are any workarounds at this time, I will take a look at whether this is an issue we are aware of.


it worked brother thanks , it was because of the time , the ntp service i had to activate it , to synchronous the time , thanks again for try to help me :slight_smile: