Streaming API missing some timeline, replies and own tweets


Can we open an issue for this now, @Kurrik?

Any kind of confirmation at least that you’re aware this is a bug and working to fix it? It’s actually a major issue in my opinion!

I’d like to get issue #999 reopened for this if possible.


We’re still looking into this. I don’t have an update for you, unfortunately. I’ll reopen the issue for the time being until I have more information.


I ran an analysis on a subset of the Twitter users that I follow via the streaming API. Using the REST API, I pulled the timelines of these users and compared them to what I received via the streaming API. Here are my results:

First dropped tweet was encountered on 04/13/13 ~11:00 AM Pacific
Frequency of dropped tweets increased starting on 4/17/13

Past 24 hours: 5.3% of tweets were not received via streaming API
Since 4/13/13: 3.78% of tweets were not received via streaming API

No limit messages were received while streaming, so the dropped tweets do not appear to be intentional.



It does happen to me as well; some tweets in the timeline and mentions are missed. And it happens on every single application I’ve tried (TweetDeck, TweetBot, Echofon and Twitter for Mac).

I consider it to be a very bad issue, so I’d be thankful if you could fix it in the following days.


It took me a while to confirm this, but i can now say with confidence this also affects timeline tweets, not just your own tweets and replies to you.

That is to say just any tweet from any person you follow might not be shown in your timeline too. Based on @dcftt’s research, this suggests that if you use a twitter streaming client you’ll be missing 5.3% of all tweets, which is a pretty serious bug!


It appears that this issue was effectively resolved last week on May 1st. I am still completing some tests, but things are looking good! Thanks again


@dcftt, you confirmed the issue was effectively resolved, We are still seeing this issue using 1.1 streaming api, no rate limit notifications, but missing close to 10% of data for the track words.
@kurrik can you please confirm if any fix has been put in for this. I see the issue in opened state. Thanks!


I am having the same issue where tweets are missing – was a fix ever found?


I don’t know if this issue was marked as resolved but the streaming API doesn’t seem to capture tweets with self user mentions.


We are still having the same issue.

We have missing mentions and dm’s targeted to our managed accounts and even our own responses using the Stream API. The report of missing tweets has increased on the past two weeks.

An official response by the Twitter Team that the stream doesn’t guarantee the 100% of tweets would be much appreciated, so our customers could understand the situation.


We have started to get reports of missing DMs from our users when using the streaming API. Is there a fix for this?


I’m not aware of any specific issues with the existing API endpoints at the moment. Are these high volume users?

If you’re using user streams, we’d suggest that you start to look into the Account Activity API which will ultimately replace them. Currently Direct Message events are available, and more events will be available at GA. Additionally, if you are building on the Direct Message endpoints for posting, we would suggest that you consider the new beta features and endpoints for greater future proofing.


Hi Andy, thanks for your answer. It happens quite often, but it’s like 1 in 1000 tweets/DM that our customers report that are missing (we handle big companies Twitter accounts). We have already requested access to Account Activity API Beta, but no response yet, is there any priority or criteria for beta access? Like Country or number of applications?