Streaming api missed tweets count



Hi Team,

I am using streaming api. In the below thread mentioned about missing tweets count with rate limit message.

When I have tested with very popular hashtag I have seen so many missing tweets but didn’t get missing tweets count and rate limit message.

I have logged complete response but I didn’t find response like mentioned in the above thread.

Can you explain in details with examples.

Thanking you.


You will not see a rate limit message per se. You will get a message reporting how many tweets you have missed. Here is the relevant doc. Basically, when your filter would be returning more than 1% of the total stream, but Twitter is removing tweets from your stream to keep you under 1%, your stream will receive a LIMIT message with the total number of tweets missed since your stream was open.

If you are not seeing the LIMIT message, either: 1) Your filter is not exceeding the 1% cutoff, or 2) something is wrong with your code. If you are not sure, you can try posting your request here and see if you get a response.

Note: the limit number is not accurate. See this thread.