Streaming API: matching keywords criteria



Hi there! I wanted to capture tweets matching with some keywords but when I saw the results I found a number of tweets without any of these keywords, but maybe the API is misunderstanding my request (or I am misunderstanding the API :blush: ).

For example:
RT @UN: #ParisAgreement is a health insurance policy for the planet - Ban Ki-moon explains here:…
These are the keywords that I used:
String keywords[] = {“climate”,“climate action”,“climate change”,“climate education”,“climateaction”,“climatechange”,“climateeducation”,“RoadtoParis”,“GlobalWarning”};

Thank you very much for your help


Can you provide the Tweet ID for the Tweet that you’ve posted the text of? it may be that another element of the Tweet is being matched.


I don’t have the Tweet ID, I will try to find it… I only have the date and user that posted it :confused:


I don’t know how can I find the Tweet ID. Do you know if there is a way to do this?


I guess if you search for that exact text and the user who posted it then you may find the original Tweet on the website. The Tweet ID is part of the Tweet’s URL.


Yes, you are right! This is the Tweet ID: 676493121438412800
I forgot to add the last word in the keywords array that I copied before: String keywords[] = {“climate”,“climate action”,“climate
education”,“climateaction”,“climatechange”,“climateeducation”,“RoadtoParis”,“GlobalWarning”, “COP21”};
And now I am wondering if this tweet is taken into account because it’s a quote tweet and it has the word COP21 in its quoted tweet. I mean, you can see this situation here: Maybe, matching criteria works in this way, isn’t?


That would be why it matched, yes.


Thank you!!

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