Streaming API - Location Filter - Size Limits


Hi Guys

I have a quick question I am busy creating a streaming app to get user tweets specifically from South Africa.

Using google maps I got the basic coordinates for the box I want to search in, but the moment I specify my box values, I get a “ERROR: 406: Not Acceptable” from twitter.

method => “filter”,
locations => “14,-23,36,-34”,

Any ideas why I would get this, or how I fix this?

I really only need the local message to track user comments and sentiment on local products.



Are you using a POST when you’re sending this? What’s the actual request look like?

You might have a problem with the encoding on your commas, causing your request to be misunderstood.


Hi Taylor

Thanks for the response, I see my other reply is still not posted,

The code works perfectly when I use the sample location from the streaming-api’s location parameter examples.

-74,40,-73,41 New York City
locations => “-74,40,-73,41”, ##NYC

Any Ideas?