Streaming API Limits


Hello everybody,

I’m sure the answer of my question is stated somewhere, but I could not find it.

I want to use Streamin API for checking for count of tweets with a hashtag. Like, people tweeted about #twitterapi 100000 times today. Something like that.

Is there a limit for this? Can I listen to tweets with “hello” in it for a week? Is there some limit like, “you can’t get 1000 tweets for a day”?

Can I see every tweet with the word “hello” in it for days and weeks?

Thank you very much.



When you use [node:10389], you are filtering from the whole set of Tweets that we call the firehose, with a maximum resulting volume of 1% of the total Tweets at that moment. In other words, if the keyword you are tracking, for example “hello”, account for less than 1% of the firehose, you will receive all the matching Tweets, otherwise you will be capped around 1%.

There are 500 million Tweets posted every single day on Twitter, so 1% of those is already a very large number.


Thank you very much.