Streaming API limit



I am trying to build an app to track when specific keywords get a spike in Twitter mentions. I have a couple of questions regarding the Streaming API:

  • How often can I make calls to the Streaming API? The reference documentation says it is Rate Limited, but it does not say what is the limit. POST statuses/filter

  • Will this call always return the total number of matches? Or does this only happens when the search results are over 1% of the firehose?


You should only connect once to the streaming API and then listen for responses. Repeated disconnections and reconnections may lead to rate limiting issues for the connections. Multiple connections from the same IP or app are not allowed.

If the term you are tracking is below 1% of the firehose then in principle you’ll receive “all” of the Tweet results. Beyond that and during spikes then you may not see all of the Tweets.


Can I be listening to the response in perpetuity? Or will the connection time out?