Streaming API limit for research



I read in some previous posts that there’s something called Greenhose, which allow researchers to have 10% instead of the 1% allowed. It said to email, with your research information, but I didn’t receive any response. I can’t seem to find any information about this, I did found something that says that the greenhose is only for the REST API.

Can you tell me any information about this? Who I can contact and if it’s really only for the REST API?


Twitter has not offered the Gardenhose Streaming option for a number of years (since 2013).

The options now are the public streaming API (1% of firehose volume), or the commercial packages available from Gnip.

I understand that this will be a disappointing answer for you, but these are the only options today.


Hi @andypiper ,

I have a relevant question. The research organizations that acquired access to the Twitter Gardenhose in the past years (e.g., in 2010), do they continue to get a random sample of 10% twitter feed in recent years (2014/2015/2016) too?

It will be immensely helpful if there is any information regarding this.
Thanks in advance.


I have no information to share on this.


Ok. :frowning: