Streaming api is down again



We are working to address this right now.


mine went down too.


We are experiencing this as well. Is this the same issue as happened yesterday? Is there any idea of an ETA yet?


No ETA to share at present, but this is actively being worked on.


Seems to be coming back now


It will be a gradual exercise, but you should see some availability, yes.


Hi andy, I am still having problem despite the @twitterapi says it’s return back to normal.


You can try reconnecting in case of stale DNS data etc. This will take a little while to return to normal. We’re still resolving a couple of site stream related issues, too.


Can you guys add a simple indicator (like a traffic light or something) to the website? Green for all good, yellow for some availability, red for down?


You mean like this?


Oh my gods, yes! Thank you so much!


You are very welcome


it’s still not working for me even it shows all great now…


Same for me, and I’m in the US which the status page shows at 95 health. Tried clearing DNS and reconnecting and still nothing.

Edit: reconnecting just now worked for me.


it works now. Thanks!