Streaming API getting a lot of Timeouts



I am accessing the streaming API public stream POST Statuses/filter end point from Perl.

Since yesterday I am getting insane amount of timeout errors, I have a initial timeout setup of 90 seconds and then a linear back off which double’s the wait time till a successful connection is made.

Now I have changed the time out to 120 seconds to see what happens, but I would like to know how can this be monitored better? what is going wrong here? Is it to do with load on twitter’s streaming API, or something on my server side? How can I diagnose it better? Is anyone else having the same issue?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Do you get any response codes or error messages when attempting to connect? Any output or log files you could provide would be helpful. Are you able to connect to the streaming API when using the OAuth tool to generate a sample curl request? (See the right hand side of this page to generate such a request:


Hi, I am using streaming API with OAuth. So what happens is that I can connect properly and I have also enabled stall_warnings. Now what happens is that after a successful connection I get disconnected on a timeout period of 90 seconds waiting for a message. Also what I have noticed is that normally it will work nicely but then when it starts getting timeout issues it will keep getting them.

So my question is does the twitter refuse connections without any response for whatever reason or is it just network issues between my server and twitter ?