Streaming API for all kind of streams


hi, i am novice user of twitter API, i am trying to built application which may have similar kind of streams like tweetdeck, i am searching for proper api for all streams. i want streaming api for : timeline, mentions, search, reply, direct messages, list, sent tweets, favorite tweets, retweets, scheduled tweets.
can we use user stream and public stream in one application from same ip? how many connections are allowed for one endpoint?


Check out [node:6345] – it’s the API that TweetDeck uses to stream most of that data – however, scheduled tweets isn’t an API feature.

Building Twitter applications that replicate the Twitter experience (AKA “Twitter clients”) is generally discouraged and you’ll want to make sure you closely read the terms of service before proceeding.

You can connect a small handful of user streams on a single IP address.


Thank you so much sir.