Streaming API error 503 after increasing number of followed ids


I have been using the Streaming API for about a month. I was following about 300 user ids, and the stream was up and running for weeks. Yesterday I added more ids, and we now follow about 1,000 users. Since adding more users, I have nor been able to connect to streaming API, just have been getting 503 errors. My application backs off to a max retry period of 5 minutes. I have been getting the 503 errors for 24 hours now. Can this be caused by the larger list of user ids? The documentation says that you support up to 5,000. Please let me know how to debug.



same problem but with 150 keywords and 1.100 users works fine, if I add more users I’ll get 503 errors…

any ideas?


I’m seeing the same issue, the docs say you can track up to 5K but any more than ~1K generates a 503.