Streaming API: Does a geoenabled user geotag a retweet?


Hi all,

When using the streaming API, I am filtering for tweets within a bounding box (representing London). My question is, if a user who has geoenabled their tweets retweets a tweet, does that retweet show up within the download stream? My data seems to have the odd RT here and there, are these manual retweets?




I think my question is answered here:


Hi Tom,

Yes, you’re right – retweets themselves do not have geo locations associated with them and will not be streamed as part of location matching, regardless of the geolocation of the original tweet. The RTs you see are likely “soft retweets” – you can tell a native retweet from a manual retweet by looking for a “retweeted_status” child node to the status object.


Hi Taylor,

If the user retweeting a tweet has enabled geo locations, the retweet still does not appear in the stream as part of location matching? I understand why a tweet that is geolocated that is retweeted by a user who has not enabled geolocation is not geotagged, but I don’t understand why a retweet from a user who has enabled geotagging does not show up in the stream when there is location matching.