Stream Tweets from Protected Accounts



How could I stream tweets from my Twitter timeline that includes protected accounts with Python? Is this possible?


I am an authorized follower of several private twitter users and I am able to get all their status updates by making manual requests to the REST API successfully. However, I can’t stream real-time tweets from these same users. Is this the kind of problem you’re having, as well?


Yes exactly.


Hi - if you use the GET statuses/home_timeline endpoint, you should be able to get Tweets from private accounts that you follow.

For more information on this endpoint, please review our documentation here.


Hi Aurelia, thank you for your response. Perhaps I misunderstand, but what you describe seems like a solution to access historical tweets on a manual/pull basis from the REST API versus what I am looking for, which is to be able to live-stream them automatically on a push basis from the STREAMING API.

I have no difficulty accessing tweets from protected accounts I follow using the method you describe.

I have difficulty having tweets live-streamed to me from those same protected accounts. So far I can see only replies to the original tweets I am interested in having streamed to me. I want the original tweets themselves sent to me as soon as they are created.

Can you please clarify?


Hi - unfortunately, there is no endpoint that supports getting those Tweets realtime. The only option is to use the GET statuses/home_timeline endpoint, as mentioned above.