Stream disconnecting prematurely and never connects again



Retry limit and maximum no. of tweets I can get for each hour using a twitter application? (I am not planning to upgrade to the enterprise version, so I need suggestions for standard API version)

I am trying to extract trending tweets and develop basic insights using power BI. I scrapped the tweets using R script. I tried to fetch in an interval of every 20 seconds.

But after 30 mins, it fails with the message - The stream disconnected prematurely. Reconnecting…. It never reconnects again. What is the suggested limit for me to stream every hour and not violate or exceed the records being fetched?

Say I want to live stream data and want to continuously stream data for 6 hours and build insights, what will be request interval that I can make? Every 1 minute? But again, is there a total no. of records I can fetch per day?


Here are a few docs pages that should be able to help you out.

First off, our page on rate limiting has some good tips:

We also have some good information on disconnections here:

It is worth mentioning that we have some pretty great recovery and redundancy tools associated with our Enterprise product that you could use to recover any data that you might have missed while disconnected.


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