Stream data inconsistencies


Hello community,

i used the stream api to grab some data about a topic for more or less a month. Now i am trying to analyse the data but i found some inconsistencies. For example i used the api tool to test the users/lookup using the screen names and ids from the tweets i gathered from the stream and i get a 404 error. I found out that some letters were missing from the screen name and for another user the id was not the same as the one i have. I can post some examples to help you understand but i don’t know if it is proper to use someone elses data. Let me know if it is ok because i am sure it helps.

Thanks in advance


It sounds like some of the users (IDs or screen names) may have been suspended or deleted. User IDs are immutable and will never change, but screen names may be change for a given user ID. Some of the screen names for the IDs you collected in the past, may have subsequently changed.


I see… Thank you :slight_smile: