Stream Api: Best approach for multiples accounts


Hi, i need to understand what is the best approach in this scenario:

  • I have one app created and I connect with the stream api
    If I have a disconnection, I use the REST API to check the information and then I connect again with the stream api
  • Check multiple accounts with the same key token of my app (ten accounts)
  • I create a new stream for each account to check
  • It runs on a single ip
  • This approach run ok five months.

Right now my app was suspended and I have no reason that this.
I have reviewed all of the rate limits and apparently are all ok.

There’s something I’m doing wrong in this ??

Thanks for your feedback.


App might have been suspended because you were creating 10 separate stream connections instead of 1 (If using User streams or Status / Filter streams)

For connecting on behalf of multiple users, is what you want. Unfortunately it looks closed at the moment.


Thanks Igor for you quick answer.
Yes, I saw that sitestreams is closed for use.

Then I have options to solve this?

I could define an app for each account check?
If this is correct, I have some limit over amount of streams in my single ip?
If this is incorrect, I need to use gnip as an possible alternative solution?

I appreciate your response.