Stream API: are all tweets or just a fraction of them?



I’ve gone thought the posts and haven’t been able to figure out how the rate limit works for the streaming API.

I’m trying to download tweets related with a specific car company (I’m using the company’s name as keyword) for statistical purposes and what I don’t understand is if there is a limit on the tweet that I obtain or the tweets that I’m receiving are all the tweets posted about that specific company.

Thank you in advance


The streaming APIs are limited to 1% of the full Tweet stream at any point in time. This means that if your filter / query is populated by less then 1% of all of the Tweets available (typically in the region of 500 million worldwide in 24 hours) then you’ll see all of the available Tweets; if not, you will miss some of them.

If you require full data fidelity then that is available in Twitter’s Gnip Powertrack product.