Strategy for catching all tweets with a given hashtag


I am building an application (node.js/Twit module) where we invite users to tweet photos with a hashtag and they will be included in a long-term projection installation. It will run all day and be shut down at night, but we also need to be able to fetch the tweets that arrive when it is not running. I’m having trouble determining the best way to ensure that I am catching all of the submitted tweets.

The choice seems to be between the “statuses/filter” stream and polling “search/tweets”. But statuses/filter stream won’t catch the tweets that arrive when the app isn’t running, and the documentation for search/tweets says that not all potentially relevant tweets are indexed, so there seems to be a hole here. Even if I were to alter our setup so that the app can be subscribed to statuses/filter 24/7, I don’t like the idea that, if the app does happen to be down for some reason at the exact time that someone sends a tweet, it is lost forever.

It seems like I might be missing some aspect of these two endpoints, as this seems like a pretty common thing to want to do.

Can anyone suggest a strategy?