Strange behavior in statuses/user_timeline



I try to use the statuses/user_timeline to retrieve some user’s tweets

First strange behavior is when I first call the user_timeline with count 1 I get a tweet
but when I use it’s ID as max_id paramter I am not getting the same tweet as described in docs.

Secondly for only one of the tweets, when I use it’s ID - 1 as max_id to retrieve the next tweet I always get the same id(not the next one). If I am reading even in bigger chunks than 1 it is a problem when the problematic id is the max_id , or , but in case I am reading 1 by 1 I will get into infinite loop.

The problematic parameters:
user_id : 4554756437,
id : 678934803140452400 ( In the request i am sending 678934803140452399 as max_id)

I’ll be glad to know about wrong usage that causes the problem :confused:

Solved: The problem was that the id I user was the ‘id’ field of the tweet but in javascript
it turnes out that i need to use the id_str field because javascript can’t handle the size of the id number.