Strange behaveiour for statuses/user_timeline in REST API 1.1


Statuses/user_timeline returns only tweets that were tweeted 4 days ago for a few specific users. I checked the users wall, and they tweeted each day, yet user_timeline says their latest tweet was at February 21. What could be the problem?

It gets stranger:

This is the code I use

$code = $twitter_tmhOAuth->user_request(array(
		'method' => 'GET',
		'url' => $twitter_tmhOAuth->url('1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json'),
		'params' => array(
			'user_id' => $userid,
			'include_entities' => true,
			'include_rts' => true,
			'count' => 200,
		'multipart' => false,

I tried to play with the options to see what happens. At first, the latest tweet it returned was from Feb 21. When I changed count to 100, the latest tweet was Feb 19. I tried to ommit count altogether, after that it returned the correct data. Afterwards, I tried changing count to 500, and it still returned the correct data (latest tweet from Feb 25). After that, I refreshed once more, with count set to 500, and it once again returned data from Feb 21. I deleted count once more, and now it returns data from Feb 19. Whenever I change the count parameter I get new kind of data. What could this error be?


Is it possible that I am getting somekind of cached data? If yes, can I force the script somehow, to fetch me uncached data?