Storing ext_alt_text for "video" type media



Moving this concern from Alt text support in twurl into its own thread so it can be tracked/commented on separately from that resolved issue.

Using 1.1/media/metadata/create, alt_text can be set and retrieved for images (static and animated) but is not stored for media entities with the “video” type.

The API call to 1.1/media/metadata/create "succeed"s when tagging a media_id associated with video content, but that property comes back null when trying to consume it after the media is posted.

Ideally this will be addressed so the alt text equivalent for video content (fallback text in iframe, or use as aria-label) can be accomplished by clients according to their preferred implementation.


Thanks for this feedback. This API method is very new, so we are still working on this kind of feedback. The team will see comments posted here, so this is useful. We appreciate your support!