Storing Data for Display



I’m a huge fan of twitter and am currently working on the conception of a website dedicated to social networks.

I wish to highlight some users and their conversations , I also wish to display statistics.

We are in full development of the platform, and we need your help to make the right choices .

I need to store some tweets and hashtags in a mongo DB database, in order to display them and show statistics .

The following parts of The Developer Rules of the Road make me wonder if i can do it:

I. Twitter Content 4.A
" Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based services , HOWEVER , is not permitted"

I. Twitter Content / 5 / D
"not frame or otherwise reproduce significant portions of the Twitter service. You should display Twitter Content from the Twitter API. "

I. Twitter Content / 5 / F
"not use Twitter Content or other data collected from end users to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service

But if I display tweets that I previously saved in my database, do I respect those points?

Thank you in advance for your help