Storing/Caching Tweets allowed?


is it allowed to store/cache Tweets in a Database?

We want to show Company Tweets on our Company Website and also want to make these Tweets searchable mixed with other Content.
Therefor the plan is to poll the Company Twitter Feeds e.g. every Hour, update the Content in our Database and provide an Search API which the User can use on our Side.

Would this be in conflict with the policies?
In the Agreement and Policy I only found restrictions related to storing Location Data (which we don’t use/store)

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You can cache data, but we also request that if data is stored then it is removed when the content is deleted from Twitter itself - this is to preserve the integrity of the user’s intent when deleting Tweets. Therefore, it is usually better to store the Tweet IDs, and then retrieve them from Twitter - deleted Tweets would return an error that you can handle in your code. Of course, some caching might be required to improve performance, so I’d suggest clearing or re-checking the cache on a regular basis to avoid stale content being served to your users.