Store tweets in Database


Hi there, Im currently building a site for a few friends. Very simple premise but I don’t want to talk to much about it. I have been over the ToS etc, I took it at face value and tried to base it all on the API but alas Ive run into a simple snag of date range searching.

So my question is this - The users of the site will use a read only Oauth, very clearly “what we will do” will be displayed, this is what basically will happen:

System 1:

User clicks the oauth button
They allow Read Only

They give a start date and an end date
From the start date their tweets with a #tag are stored as is with a link back to the original tweet*
At the End date - No more tweets recorded

  • Database would only store twitter message ID, content & date posted as is - nothing changed and no claim to the data is made by the site

System 2 (slightly longer load times):

User clicks the oauth button
They allow Read only

They give the start date
On Start date - Twitter time line looked at, first tweet ID recorded in DB and looked up
On End date - Searched on last day (11:59pm) Last ID recorded in DB and row set to disable to stop updates

Sorry, its a bit all over the place, but currently working with a number of API’s and need to make sure everything is above board