Store tweets in database


I am developing a phone application for Android OS.
I want to know if it is allowed to do a program that runs every X minutes and look for specific user tweets and store tweets in a database.

The reason of this is because the logic I want to implement it is not so easy to run in a cellphone because of the procesator and also 3G conections, so I want to centralizate all the logic in a central server.

Thank you.


Hi Andres,
did you find out a way to store tweets in a database?


We are working on a website (TTT) that will store tweets of TTT’s merchant members who TTT is following in a database for the purpose of

Categorize merchants in their business categories (such as food, pets, etc.)
Show only the latest tweet by the merchants on the TTT website
Delete any tweets from TTT website site if merchants use any foul language (tweets will not be deleted from merchant's Twitter account though)
Purging tweets in 30 days from the TTT website database