Stopped receiving data from site streams


I can still connect to Site Streams via the connect URI and it says that I should be receiving data, but I’m not actually getting data streamed to me. I was getting data up until around 8:11 PT 10/06/13.

Looking at the status page ( the service should be fully functioning.


At around 8:50 am PT the data started getting streamed in again. In the event this happens again, should I follow these same steps (review status page, post a comment on this forum)?



Typically, yes, that is the right thing to do. However, it would be helpful if you could also include traceroutes and a high-frequency ping while the issue is happening. That helps us to determine what might be the problem.

We don’t have any record of any issues happening at the time you specified, but thank you for reporting it! (It sounds like it might have been a problem with some intermediary party in the network.)