Stop waiting of account private


I research the method that will stop to wait for permission to follow an account when an account is private.

I’m not sure of being understood, so I explain my idea.
I follow a private account with twitterservice.FollowUser method, the
account receive ask to accept to follow him by my own account. But
after x days, if this account does not always allow or not the right to
follow him (no action from this account), I whish I could withdraw me
I try to use twitterservice.UnfollowUser that return a successful operation, for monitoring against the request is not removed. What method to do that ?


There’s no API callback or method to enable you to be notified or withdraw the request after a set period of time.


Why not improve API twitter proposing such a method ?

Forget the time of issue, but just enough to remove the application or even improved method for automatically unfollow do in the case of a private account.

Nice day :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the idea and feedback!