Still suspended but promised would be lifted help!




I’ve been suspended now three times, each time I was told is was a mistake due to the system thinking I’m a robot. The other day for example I woke up and ‘followed’ three people within 1 minute then suddenly I was suspended again.

Please can somebody help me and make my account live again. I’ve completed the suspension form once again 4 days a go but haven’t heard anything since.


How long did it take you to get back your account the first time. I literally joined Twitter 2 days ago and randomly, I wake up today t find my account suspended. It made so sense. I follow 20 something people so I have not been “aggressively following”; I have less than 70 tweets!!! This makes no sense at all.

I have read all the rules and am in violation of none of them. Maybe I was right to avoid twitter all these years.