Still getting server error even required rules for twitter are added


I keep on getting “Server error, please try again” response whenever I’m validating my cards. I had added the required rules in robots.txt to authorize Twitter’s bot to fetch my content but it still didnt work. Is there any solution to get my card validated and approved?
Btw, here’s the url I’m trying to validate Thanks…


I’m trying to connect to that URL myself but the call is timing out. Are you sure the server is available in all geographies?


Hi, honestly I dont know about the server that you are referring to cos I dont think I did something with it.


I would try our troubleshooting page, and I wonder if your host might be blocking?


Hi, thanks for your reply @rchoi but I don’t know if my web server is blocking or not. Cant contact them since I am just using a free hosting and support is not available for free hostings.


Hi Jhem, unfortunately it doesn’t look like your site is accessible in the US. I was able to view your site via a server in the Philippines, but the crawler is not able to do this. I would suggest contacting 1and1 if at all possible.


Hi, Jon! thanks for the reply. I already had my cards approved after moving to a different host. But I noticed that the card is not showing an image like how it looks llike in the preview after validation/approval. It only shows link and text, the image is there too but I have to tick view summary just to see the image attached with my card (summary below large image). I want the image to be visible without clicking the view summary like it is in the preview. Any solution?

Thanks in advancce! :slight_smile:


Hi @jhemkitty. A bit of a delay here, but Cards are not pre-expanded in the timeline. Users should click “view summary” to see the image. Only uploaded images, Vines, and a few player cards are pre-expanded in a timeline.