Still can't get email address after whitelisted and setting



My app have whitelist by twitter .Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL has set ,“Request email addresses from users” checkbox also set ,and regenerate the user access tokens But i also can,t get email address.The code as below:

   TWTRAPIClient *client = [TWTRAPIClient  clientWithCurrentUser];
    [client requestEmailForCurrentUser:^(NSString * _Nullable email, NSError * _Nullable error) {
                    DBLog(@"the email is %@ %@",email,error);
                NSURLRequest *request = [client URLRequestWithMethod:@"GET"
                                                          parameters:@{@"include_email": @"true"}
                [client sendTwitterRequest:request completion:^(NSURLResponse *response, NSData *data, NSError *connectionError) {
                    NSDictionary *dic = [NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:data options:NSJSONReadingMutableLeaves error:nil];


And this no email feed back ,if i use

                [client requestEmailForCurrentUser:^(NSString * _Nullable email, NSError * _Nullable error) {
                    DBLog(@"the email is %@ %@",email,error);

i will get

Error Domain=TWTRErrorDomain Code=3 "This user does not have an email address"

But my twitter account is created by my email.

so please help help help!!!


Has the email address been validated? i.e. when the account was created, did you click on the link in the email you were sent to confirm that address?


yes i do


Are you using Twitter Kit in Fabric, or is this using the Social framework?


using Twitter Kit in Fabric


so how i can do ?


using Twitter Kit in Fabric


(moving to the Twitter Kit category)


@anhuijhy I’m happy to dig into this more. Can you share your Twitter Consumer key over email to support(at)fabric(dot)io and reference this thread?


ok wait few moments


dear bonnell
i have sent email to you.Please help !It’s middle night now in China. hahahah.


Hi Michael,

I’m running against this exact problem: getting a “This user does not have an email address” error when using requestEmailForCurrentUser with TwitterKit on iOS. I’ve also already been whitelisted (though I did change an OAuth redirect URL…not sure if that’s relevant. Has there been any resolution to this?



Hey @colinmcd94,

Is this happening for all users or only a select few?



Thanks for following up. I’ve since trying this on a couple of my friends’ devices and it seems to work fine. I’m still having trouble with my own account – I definitely signed up with an email address and I’ve verified the email and everything, but it’s still not working. Though if it works most of the time I suppose that’s good enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Interestingly enough I had the exact same problem with the Facebook API when trying to retrieve emails…I might be cursed.


It is a bit strange @colinmcd94, but if you see this happen more often please let me know.


Hi @bonnell,
I’m struggling currently with similar problem. I’m using requestEmailForCurrentUser: method as well. The user account I’m testing on has an approved email address.
I’ve also noticed, that when I log in to twitter user account I’m testing on and go to settings -> apps, multiple instances of my app are created. One of them says “Has access to your email address”, but I haven’t managed to retrieve user’s email address even one time.
We also have Android app and it works there, but each time they get web view with request for user’s email.


Hey @LukaszKasperek,

Unfortunately, due to the acquisition of Fabric from Google, I’m no longer able to help on Twitter specific questions.


@bonnell Sure. I understand. Thanks for the answer.
Is there any place I could direct such issues right now?


You’re in the correct spot!