Step by step instructions to put follow me button on my website


Hi - I administrate my company website however that’s about it! Trying to put a ‘follow me’ button on my home page. Got most of the way there however get to the bit “Copy and paste this into the HTML for your website wherever you want the button to appear”. Where the devil do I find the HTML thing? Thanks


Hi Eva,

It depends on the kind of site you run. How do you go about editing your company’s website today? Do you have a hosting provider or use a content management system of some kind? Without being able to edit some of the HTML of your site, you probably won’t be able to use the Follow Button unless your hosting provider/content management system has it built in in some way.


Twitter directions suck sour lemons. I’m trying to put a button on my site but when I create it it only creates the link. It does bot create the button per se. how do I get twitter to create the actual image of the follow button, anyone?


vomo faço para colocar o passarinho do twitter voamdo no meu site??


How can i post my twitter on facebook??


Are you by any chance loading the page from a file:// URL? The buttons will only work when served from HTTP.


Well, I got to see that my problem was ReadOnly, but trying to change it so the key would work was like impossible. Something that should have taken 5 minutes to complete has taken me two hours to figure out… and I still haven’t done that. I am more confused than ever… and I’ve been on comupters since '69… come on! My website offers the connection… so it is not that… it’s on your end.


Verified Accounts < where ? twitter


Você não pode! É contra as leis de uso do logo!


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não conseguii


I too am am experiencing the same difficulty as @bingobongovat where when I enter the html code into my site I only get the link and not the follow me button per se. @kurrik I am not sure what you mean when you respond “Are you by any chance loading the page from a file:// URL? The buttons will only work when served from HTTP”. Any additional clarification you aor anyone else is able to provide would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


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