Step by step guide to getting tweets using the new api


Im new to this but i cant seem to find anything helpful in the documentation all i want is a clear javascript code example of how to get tweets using JavaScript every other api i have used in the past has clear code examples i mean its a lot easier to understand an platform when you can see the code structure, but twitter in their wisdom have nothing like this can anyone help me out , and dont suggest i use the crappy builder on the accounts page as the widget im building needs to get the latest 3 tweets from a number of accounts and display them in custom html


API v1.1 is difficult to work with in client-side Javascript, due to requiring authentication for all methods and there being no secure way to embed your credentials within a publicly available website. You’re apt to find more server-side programming examples than Javascript examples as a result.

The [node:126] page has a number of libraries with code examples available as well.