Statuses/user_timeline not returning particular tweet from one of our main clients


Hello, we have a problem with one of our main clients, it turns out that we made the statuses / user_timeline call with the screename parameters with the name of our client account, min_id 915231100510842879 and max_id 999999999999999999, and returns us tweets, but this tweet in particular 915231100510842880 is not returned by the call, this is a tweet that has ads created against it, can we know why this call is not returning this tweet?
Thank you.


That Tweet has

“scopes” : {
“followers” : false

This means that the Tweet will not show in the timeline, and only in places where it is promoted to be shown.


Okay, and there would be some way to get the tweets that have no visibility in the timeline. Thank you.


There’s no way to get those unless you have the specific Tweet ID, or are using the Ads API.